Rules & Regulations

  1. Every student is to possess a copy of the school diary to be carried daily to the school.

  2. Parents are expected to look into the school diary every day.

  3. All students are expected to present in the assembly where they are to pray together.

  4. Any kind of local language is prohibited in the school premises. Either English or Hindi must be used.

  5. Precaution should be taken against throwing any paper, fruit peeling etc. In the school premises.

  6. Students are expected to respect their seniors and love their juniors. There must be a well-cultured atmosphere among the student.

  7. Parents are requested to attend all the parent-teacher meetings and apart from it whenever they are called in school.

  8. A student is liable to be rusticated if she/he plays truant or bunks classes.

  9. Running, playing, shouting & whistling inside the school building is not allowed.

  10. Students are not allowed to bring any kind of other vehicle in the school like bike, car & scooter except the bicycles.

  11. Due care should be take of the school-property. Any damage done to it will be made good by the student guilty of it.

  12. Parents are expected to deposit their word’s monthly fee before 10thof every month otherwise fine will be charged.

  13. Students are prohibited to bring razor, blades or any sharp instrument to the school.

  14. Student are take part in all kinds of co-curricular activities.

  15. Parents/guardians are not allowed to walk straight into the classroom or talk to teachers during the class hours. They can only visit the school only on parent teacher interaction days discuss the progress of the child.

  16. Fine which are deemed necessary to be imposed on the student are only to improve or to enforce discipline.

  17. Staying away from the mandatory school function like annual day, sport day without prior permission will be considered a major default.

  18. In matters of discipline principal’s decision will be final.

  19. Don’t bring mobile phones in the school premises. It is banned even for the staff during school hours.

  20. The students are strictly prohibited to leave the school premises during school hours without permission of the principal/vice-principal.

  21. The students are expected to adhere to the cleanliness rules strictly.

  22. Transfer certificates will be issued only after obtaining no dues certificate from account branch.To develop basic mental abilities & skills.