Principal Message

image This school is child centered and progressive and hence is an epitome of society. Maa Saraswati Public School  provides pollution free, serene & eco- friendly education, conductive environment. It imparts quality education in English. Nonetheless equal emphasis is given to Hindi & Sanskrit.

Education or Learning is an eternal process. Our main objective is to inculcate the best if Indian Culture and Tradition along with opening wider horizons, imbibe the basic values of life which lay the edifice of widening of mind     & spirit. It also builds up the traits of perseverance. Discipline and cooperation to benefit the student in a    cosmopolitan city and give them a better place in society.

The Institute designs a curriculum to promote potential of leadership and emphasize on a sound educational programme to instill within them self control, integrity and honour mellowed by the social grace under the tutelage of experienced faculty. The motto also reflects the purpose of education ‘Take us from darkness to light’. Thus as certain that ignorance gives way to knowledge, truth and beauty.

Best Wishes,
Mr Mahabir Singh
( M.A. B. ED)