Examination & Expulsion

  • Student absent from an examination for any reason will not be re-examined except in case of orals. Those who absent themselves because of physical illness are required to produce a medical certificate.

  • No candidate will be admitted to any of the examination unless all the school dues are paid in full.

  • Students are strictly forbidden to indulge in copying, consulting, carrying answer slip and borrowing stationary in the examination hall. Any one found guilty is liable for punishment such as detention.

  • (a) Promotion to the higher classes depends upon regularity in attendance, day today participation in classes and the opinion of the teaching staff.
    (b) Execution of written work and project assigned by the teachers.

  • The results declared at the end of the session are final in all respects and will not bere considered.

  • Parents are requested to sign the report card and return in after parent teacher meeting. 

  • A student can be expelled from the school rolls by the school authorities on any of the following grounds:-
    (a)    Academic (consistent weakness in scholar)
    (b)    Disciplinary
    (c)    Absence for 15 consecutive days without any leave.
    (d)    Fee-defaulters also can be expelled.