Event Celebration for 2014-15


DateDayEvent NameDescription
12/Apr/2014 Saturday Instrument Play CompetationInstrument Play Competation
28/Apr/2014 Monday My Self Presentation by star landOrganised by Star land
03/May/2014 Saturday Fancy Dress CompetitionBy Miniland
10/May/2014 Saturday Making Picture on Save earthBy Starland
16/May/2014 Friday PTM/PTM held on 16 may 2014
10/Jul/2014 Thursday Poem RecitationInter house Sub Junior
11/Jul/2014 Friday Speech CompetitionJunior Inter House
12/Jul/2014 Saturday T.V. Show CompetitionSenior Inter House
15/Jul/2014 Tuesday MS Paint CompetitionBy IT (Sub Junior)
19/Jul/2014 Saturday Anti Plastic bag CompaignAnti Plastic bag Compaign
24/Jul/2014 Thursday Maths Talent Search TestMaths Talent Search Test
26/Jul/2014 Saturday Mango festMango fest
09/Aug/2014 Saturday Rakhi Making, Drawing, and Speech CompetitionOn Save Environment
14/Aug/2014 Thursday Flag & Band Making CompetitionBy Starland
16/Aug/2014 Saturday Making Crown of Lord krishnaMaking Lord krishna's Crown
23/Aug/2014 Saturday PTMPTM held on 23 Aug 2014.
05/Sep/2014 Friday Card making CompetitionBy Star Land
06/Sep/2014 Saturday Visit to Yamuna Bio Diversity ParkVisit to Yamuna Bio Diversity Park by eco club
08/Sep/2014 Monday Colour week celebrationColour's week Celebration from 8th September to 13th september
27/Sep/2014 Saturday PTM.PTM held on 27 September 2014
11/Oct/2014 Saturday Slogan WritingOn 'Say no to crackers'
31/Oct/2014 Friday PTM..PTM held on 31 Oct 2014
29/Nov/2014 Saturday PTM...PTM held on 29 Nov 2014
27/Dec/2014 Saturday PTM....PTM held on 27 Dec 2014.
31/Jan/2015 Saturday PTM.....PTM held on 31 Jan 2015
21/Feb/2015 Saturday PTM,PTM held on 21 Feb 2015.